Our Story

Our journey sparked from Paul O’Brien’s profound commitment to educate and grant universal access to truly pure water. Recognizing water as a fundamental necessity, he founded Pine Tree Companies Inc., driven by the vision to craft filtration systems enabling access to safe water, both at home and on the go.

As a family-run endeavor, Pine Tree embodies our shared dedication to Paul’s vision, striving to create a meaningful global impact through our unwavering commitment. In 2023 Tim O'Brien, Paul's son, having been a part of the journey since its inception, took on the role of president to further the vision and share in the commitment and responsibility of providing high quality water filtration to all who would desire it.

Beyond mere enterprise, Pine Tree stands as a united family, cherishing the collective pride in our work and holding steadfast to our mission of proliferating clean, safe water worldwide as we grow and innovate.

  • Paul O'Brien


    Paul is the visionary founder of Pine Tree Companies. He has dedicated his life to always pushing forward and beating the odds. He puts all his time and energy into providing practical solutions to everyday needs. He holds numerous patents filed over his 20 year inventing career.

    Paul's Story 
  • Tim O'Brien


    Timothy O’Brien, President, With experience in business management, retail, mechanics, and heavy machinery Tim brings a wide range of expertise into daily problem solving in the field. He has the ability to bring people of all professions together to focus on and accomplish the task at hand.

  • Richard Holcombe


    Richard Holcombe, a sporting goods, and outdoor industries senior executive with over 50 years of management experience in companies such as Woolrich, Reebok, Amerex, the Ford Motor Company, Filson, and a board member of the Outdoor Trade Association, National Sporting Goods Association, and the American Apparel Manufacturers Association.

  • Olivia O'Brien


    Olivia O'Brien, After spending a number of years in customer service and relations as well as spending time in the missions’ field, she takes her keen observations and marketing talents and applies them to every aspect of the company. She is the head of protecting the brand image and coordinating all media and advertising all while tackling the role of mother to her three young children.

  • Michael Irish


    Michael Irish, with over 15 years of entrepreneurial expertise, he successfully spearheaded multiple companies within the natural gas sector in Pennsylvania, driving sales and growth consistently. His extensive experience in sales leadership positions him as ideal for Vice President of Sales at Pine Tree Companies, Inc. where he can leverage his proven track record to deliver remarkable results and foster lasting client relationships.

  • David Draper


    David has been a certified Public Accountant since 1982. He has worked with various accounting firms before starting his own independent CPA practice. He has been involved in numerous profit and non-profit organizations as board member, director and treasurer over the years.

  • Doby


    As an essential member of the PTC team, Doby is a dog with a mission to provide clean water to the world.

Our products are Made-in-America

Proudly Veteran-Owned and Operated

Joseph O'Brien

U.S. Airforce

Cold War Veteran

Milton Roegner

U.S. Army National Guard

Richard Holcombe

U.S. Army

Pierce Bunce

U.S. Army

Vietnam Veteran

Silver Star, 2 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star w/“V”

Paul O'Brien

U.S. Airforce/U.S. Army

Cold War Veteran