Cross Contamination + FAQ

What Is Cross Contamination?

Cross contamination occurs when taking water from an unclean water source and any amount of unclean water ends up on your clean surface. If taking water from a stream, lake, pond, swamp, etc. and your TravelLite falls in the water, or your drinking vessel falls in the water, or is rinsed in the water, or a single drop gets into or onto what you will be consuming, that is cross contamination and can cause serious harm to your person and should be taken very seriously.


What is Contact Time?

Because of the positive charge of the filter, the longer time the water spends in contact with the filter media, the more effective it can be at extracting contaminants. When using the TravelLite, be sure to pump the water through the filter slow and steady to ensure maximum efficiency.


Do you Need to Clean the Filter After Use?

After each use be sure to purge as much of the water from the device as possible. However there will always be some water that stays, most of which will evaporate over time. There is always the possibility of bacteria growth on the inside of the tube, so be sure to run a few pumps of clean water through the device to internally clean it if there are large time gaps between each use.


How Does it Work/What is the Technology?

While most filters use a type of membrane to trap contaminants as water passes through, which can restrict flow, our filters work by adsorption through electo-adhesion, which pulls contaminants out like a magnet while maintaining maximum flow rate.


How is the Flow Rate?

The TravelLite can fill a 500ml water bottle in under a minute taking just under 6 pumps with a stream of water comparable to the dispenser in a refrigerator.


How Long Does the TravelLite last?

The life of the filter depends solely on the water being filtered. It will fill just over 1,100 water bottles (500ml) of clear water. The life of the TravelLite will be drastically improved with the addition of the TravelLight Prefilter.


What Makes the TravelLite Different?

While the filter media used in Pine Tree Companies’ products can be found in other various products found in water filtration, the TravelLite stands apart due to its ease of use and incredible flow rate. In addition, while the material may be found in other products, none are as small and compact as the TravelLite, this material is primarily used in canister style filtration for larger systems.